Camas Wellness Festival Raffle for Dance Evolution

The Camas Wellness Festival Raffle is a fundraiser for Dance Evolution’s new 501(c)(3) non-profit Embody Love and Dance Program, which will offer transformative workshops that empower local girls to be confident, strong, kind and compassionate. Support this new program by bidding on amazing prizes from Camas Hotel, Juniper Tree Healing Collective, Vancouver Wellness Studio, The Tummy Team, and more! 

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A Passion Project from a Mom’s Heart

Erika Levy has combined her skills in sales, marketing and event planning with her passion to create a network of resources to bring community together. The result is an impressive event full of education, information, classes and helpful insights for parents, children and families October 13th at the Camas Wellness Festival. The festival is a day - long event that provides education about socially relevant issues her community, and really all communities face today.

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Educators Earn WA Clock Hours at Camas Wellness Festival

Educators who attend at least 3 hours of the Adolescent Mental Health Summit at the Camas Wellness Festival can earn Washington Clock Hours!

Teachers can earn up to 6 clock hours, including 1 hour of STEM credit for the 10am session ‘Inspiring Children in STEM’ with ESD112 Mathematics Specialist, Sue Bluestein).

The Summit will take place at Camas Public Library in lovely downtown Camas, from 10am-5pm on Saturday, October 13th.

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The Academic Happiness Paradox

Aurora Remember Holtzman is a middle school psychologist committed to her students’ well being, safety and happiness. She knows that focusing on academics alone and neglecting kids’ physical, emotional and social needs decreases academic performance and overall happiness; In fact, this lopsided attention to other needs is one of the root causes of an increase in student anxiety. For that reason, Aurora is participating in the Camas Wellness Festival as speaker on the topic ‘Performance Culture and Academic Stress.

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Collaborative Community Care

Kendall Hagensen, MA, LMHCA, R-DMT wears a lot of hats. This multi-tasking mom to two kids, Mental Health Therapist, and business owner is committed to a healthcare model that outshines many tired traditional models of care where a patient must go to several different practitioners and locations to get their holistic healthcare needs met.  Kendall is the owner, manager, and Clinical Director of Vancouver Wellness Studio, a collaborative healthcare clinic providing multidisciplinary healthcare with a team consisting of two Mental Health Counselors, an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, a Fitness Trainer, and coming soon - a Naturopathic Physician to round out the team.

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She Found Her Purpose at the Intersection of Skill and Passion

After discovering a diagnosis for her pain and discomfort, 9 ½ years ago, Kelly began to help others through her business ‘The Tummy Team’. The Tummy Team has three physical therapists and offers a variety of services to improve and restore core strength.

Kelly is a sponsor of the Camas Wellness Festival because she is a committed resource to the Camas community. As part of her mission to provide ongoing education and outreach, Kelly provides CEU’s and has an apprentice program for practitioners.

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Putting the Care back in Health Care

Dr. Shannon Anhorn, DC, owner of Cloud Chiropractic Clinic, jumped onboard to participate and sponsor the Camas Wellness Festival because it aligns with her mission to support women, community and children. As a mom of 16 month old identical twin boys, her commitment for community support runs deep. Shannon’s highest work value is the care of patients, and believes that it is essential to “Put the care back in health care. We take the time it takes to care for each and every one of our patients”.

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A Mom’s Personal Experience Leads to Community Activism

Kimberly Berry knows personally the difficulty in finding resources when a child struggles with mental health issues. Kimberly is the mom of two children with mental health diagnoses. Because of her personal experiences, Kimberly learned about the stigma, shame and confusion that surrounds mental health issues.  She took action and is now an advocate and coach for mental health awareness, helping other parents in her community who struggle to find resources and solutions for kids with mental health issues.

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A Mom’s Motivation for Community Support

Lisa Lê, owner of Lisa Lê Properties ǀ A Boutique Experience, is committed to supporting women, children, her community, and families. In keeping with this highly held value, Lisa is a Platinum Sponsor of the Camas Wellness Festival and is offering her office as a location for several sessions including, “Understanding How Trauma Impacts Families” and “Harmonic Sound Therapy and Reiki Energy Healing.” More sessions to be added soon!

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Camas Wellness Festival Brings Community Together

The Camas Wellness Festival is a Resource for Empowering Families within the Community of Camas and surrounding areas with a full day of events, talks, interactive dance and yoga in various Camas business locations, Saturday, October 13th from 10am – 5pm. The festival is a collaboration between several 501 c3 nonprofits serving Mothers and Families in Camas and the surrounding area: Dance Evolution, MOMS Club of Camas/ Washougal, Camas Public Library and Embody Love Movement.  

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